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Top 10 Fintech for Low Income Personal Loan in India for 2021

If you ask me which bank is most useful for non-income personal loan in India, then I will ask you – why do you need a personal loan?

This is because personal loans have to be taken in emergencies.
Personal loan is an unsecured loan that helps to fulfill one’s personal needs easily.
Personal loans can help you deal with short-term cash crunch, but also incur higher interest costs. Do not misuse the personal credit facility, otherwise you may end up in financial trouble.

Top 10 Fintech for Personal Loan in India

1 MoneyTap

MoneyTap India’s first utility-based personal loan tax is paid in conjunction with financial institutions. With a switch tap, this application will cost you Rs. 3000 or Rs. 5 lakhs depending on your credit limit established by our financial partners. Most importantly, you pay interest only on what you use.

2 pm

மணிவியூGet instant loans up to Rs 5 lakh from all over India
Completely paperless application, completely safe & secure, flexible payment terms approximately 5 years
The lowest regular monthly interest rate starts at 1.33%.

3 Mobiquick

It uses very easy cash loans that can be used for a variety of activities. You can view personal loan prices on Apple. For personal credit eligibility, only his Aadhar card and fried ban card are required. Personal loan interest is reduced in three simple steps to get a personal loan Mobiquick Application.

4 PaySense

PaySense Temporary loans are unsecured. This suggests that you do not need to provide any protection for the loan amount. PaySense offers an easy-to-use application that can be set up on a mobile phone. With this application on the phone you can complete the entire loan process.

5 CreditB

CreditPay It is an instant personal loan platform for independent and working professionals where they can apply for a personal loan of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2 lakh. We offer loans in a variety of ticket sizes and payment periods to suit all your unexpected financial needs.

6 Starting salary

Starting salary Immediate loan tax for young working Indians. EarlySalary is a pioneer in introducing instant loans and income advances, and is actually offering Rs. It has 2,500 crore worth of financing in its system and currently pays almost 100,000 personal loans a month.

7 தானி

Indiabulls Thani This is the first type of personal loan application that offers a quick personal loan of Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 15 lakhs in your savings account using your Aadhar card. Dhani focuses on providing a simple and quick lending experience.

8 Navi

Navi Provides instant personal loans to middle class Indians through a mobile application that can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. Interest paid. Once the personal loan is approved, the customer can choose the amount they want and the MII that suits them. Upon completion of the KYC process without direct and complete internet connection, the loan amount will be immediately credited to the individual’s savings account.

9 Smart Coin

Smart Coin Mobile-App based system and proprietary writing formulas are qualified to assess the prospective borrower’s threatening profile in real time using information science and machine learning. With SmartCoin you can get loans from Rs.1000 to Rs.25000 for 91 days to 120 days with minimum APR 20% and optimal APR 36%.

10 Shop loans

MyShubhLife Has created a kind of information science versions to democratize the credit history for a large number of consumers. Their credit clients are derived from the ‘next billion’ category, which is not yet part of the system of formal credit scores. The sector has households with an annual income of INR 1.4 lakh to 4.5 lakh and makes up 45% of the culture, but can only access 8% of the formal credit score.

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